You are not only a 'star' for me,
you are more than that, you are my super star,
My Guide,
my philosopher,
My companion,Wen I am disheartened, in high spirits, annoyed ...
and more than that you are my true friend,
whenever I want to run away from
this menace world you respect my feeling,
and we start to explore the outskirts of this dead city,
you always carry me wherever you go,
you reduce(by your jumper) my shock, my sorrow when I fall under any damn pit,
you stand for, and with me whenever I fall down(most of the time you follow me in that act and you also fall with me to give a company)
In all the season- you take me to feel the breeze-
Whether its sunny summer or chilly winter,
all the time
you give me strength and warmth which dilute my fear of darkness,
and above all you give me the wings-to think, to roam, to feel the affection;
give me a chance to chase the wind,
you make me special wherever we go;
thanx for being in there with me....

P.S. Love you a lot, and
you know we are sharing a girl friend too,
she also loves you and more than me too....
© Manan Bhatt


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