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Benjamin Disraeli wrote, 'Travel teaches toleration.' I want to add extension to this line, Travel teaches us Socio-economical condition of the place, mentality, Psyche of that particular area. Most of avid readers were complained that there is no Travelogue on India. In October, 2012, they have reasons to smile as Monisha Rajesh took pain and wrote, 'Around India in 80 Trains.' The book has received good applause. In this post, I have no intention to write a review of this book. Shashanka Nanda has already written a review on it. 

Here in below, I reproduce some of the lines of the book which gives insights about India and Indian Psyche.  
"India is not a country that lends itself well to organisation and punctuality, so to try and incorporate any system to the contrary is like trying to force a square peg into a round hole and will only result in frustration or an arterial embolism."
"To understand India you have to see it, hear it, breath it, and feel it…