hello ....

suddenly I realized that its been ages that I have not posted on blog....but now a days thinking process of mine is frozen not a single thoughts come out of my mind rather i can say that m running out of good thoughts....and i have nothing to share on blog...i just live the fucking life...nothing special has happened till i have joined last year of my college...a long way to go......i just correct my previous stand that i m not running out of thoughts but my mind is stuck on the 'career' thing...m utterly confused that wt ll i do next? join LL.M. then the question arise where to join? from Gujarat Uni. or National or GLC...???the next thing should i go for litigation or corporate...then the next question come out of my mind is whom to join where to start litigating from gujarat or bombay...... Endless and hopeless question need not be answered.....today took a resolution to write a blog daily...i know i ll break it very soon...now the new proverb ll hear like this 'resolution are meant to be broken'.....


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