pseudo secularism.....

I have just gone through with current issue of outlook i.e. feb. 9th 2009, and very much a reputed magazine our expectation with you is very high. in your latest issue you are used the words like "HINDU LUMPENS" & "hindu talibansation". As a hindu it hurts my feeling. I must say that the media work as a fourth pillar of our democracy and therfore you have to much more concerned about what you wrote. you used words like hindu lumpens or saffron terror the words are highly derogatory itself and it hurts many hindus feelings. my only point is that no one can justify what shree ram sene did but you used words like hindu lumpens or hindu talibansation is completely derogatory towards true hindu. instead of using the said words you can use the words lumpens or terrorism and you can convey the same message. This is again and again mentioned that terrorism or fanaticism has no religion so why you used words like hindu terror or muslim terror or saffron terror or green terror? You should not used such words.


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