Wen u r impressed by smone ..its ur inferiority to his superirority.u r inferior thats y he is superior...d only logic behind it is u r nt happy wt u have..and the person whom u impressed is having wt u r searching 4 in urself u think all d good things must be in u and u must be a smart person (here wt do u understand by smart..it means d prevailing standard which has been determined by d smart people..sounds simple na?) bt in every case u cannt get wat u want nd its a very fundamental of ur life...if u wanna live a good lyf u must having positive energy...and positive energy makes u positive person and if u r positive person ur attitude must be positive and then u be a smart guy....its all abt ur attitude towards d person to whom u r having contacts.

U know y god created human he wants to see how one human live vid his own brother..bt as time go he realized that its not working and he gave us brain and then onwards he feels sad towards his creation...ha ha ha sound funny no???...

Everyone has smthng different frm another and it makes the person difeerent frm another and its known as identity crisis.


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